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  • About Ellyn Vogel, LCSW

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    My Mission

    When your sense of health and wellness feels unbalanced due to a life change, recent health concern, or new commitment to wellness, I will provide you a safe and non-judgemental space where we can co-create a plan for your unique goals, self discovery and exploration.

    I truly believe in the therapeutic process and partnership with people seeking guidance and support. I use an integrative approach, which incorporates the fundamental principles of traditional psychotherapy with a holistic perspective, helping my clients reach the deepest healing possible.

    One of the ways I enjoy working with my clients is by helping you learn to reframe unhealthy ways of thinking and shift your inner narrative. Through our work together, we will create a self care toolbox, which empowers you to navigate life’s ongoing challenges. I refer to it as a “superpower” (your unique ability that allows you to succeed), because it is within you wherever you go and whenever you need it. I believe that one’s wellness is like a puzzle, with so many pieces, it can be difficult to figure out where to begin.

    One of the pillars of my practice is health promotion and prevention of illness. My unique approach is a combination of holistic wellness, psycho-education and evidenced-based practice, allowing us to individualize your therapeutic experience.

    I am here to help!

    Currently offering Telehealth and phone sessions.

    My Story

    My introduction to the therapeutic process was when I was 17 years old. I became ill and had a near death experience (NDE). After my physical recovery, my parents had me see a therapist. This was the obvious and right thing to do, as I needed help exploring how I felt about what had happened and how to deal with my fear, anxiety, insomnia, etc… The therapy provided me with a safe space to be vulnerable and do the work I needed to in order to move forward. It was then that I discovered I wanted to work in the field of mental health.

    I went to Loyola University Chicago to become a licensed clinical social worker and did my graduate internship at Rush University Medical Center (the very same hospital where my life was saved years before). I had the opportunity to be part of a multidisciplinary team of clinicians who met to discuss cases and design treatment plans and learned a great deal about the importance of an integrative approach to healthcare.

    After years of working in various healthcare settings, I experienced a very influential chapter of my life involving cancer, both with myself and my mother. The physical and emotional toll that all of it had was excruciating, but I vowed that I would get through it a stronger and more evolved person. The path to that empowered state was through implementing lifestyle approaches to my healing. This was a defining moment in terms of how I view wellness and focusing my work with clients on incorporating a mind-body-spirit connection and helping them create a self care toolbox.

    Healing is not linear, rather a dynamic process that ebbs and flows. I am here to help you build a framework and toolkit to help you manage life’s challenges.

    Why Dragonflies?

    The symbolism of the dragonfly is meaningful. It encourages us to be adaptable even if it means changing the way we act, or think so we can achieve our full potential. It asks you to express your true feelings as you stand in your authentic self and speak your truth in grace and love. The dragonfly symbolizes transformation and change in the perspective of self-realization.